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Why should we prefer the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for vacation?

Why should we prefer the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for vacation?

One of the most enjoyable activities is planning the next vacation. We embark on dreams, painted in blue, we feel the aroma of the salty air, and our feet automatically warm up, as if we have just buried them in the fine sand! The plans are inspiring, but the last year and a half have thwarted most of them, especially travel-related ones.

Prohibitions, strict measures and fear prevented us from spending the annual vacation or the planned weekend in the desired way. The Kovid pandemic is still going on and the only thing that depends on us is to plan our destinations more strategically! We often associate vacation with landing in a foreign country and lying on the beach while the sun sets in the distant horizons.

There is nothing wrong with this idea, but its implementation during a pandemic is quite complicated, expensive and stressful. However, we found an easy solution to this problem! Avoid unnecessary stress and reduce the chances of failure, spend your next vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast! Still doesn’t sound like a good idea? Here are some reasons to think about.


With the changes in the rules for emergencies and the required medical documents when traveling abroad, no one can predict exactly when and where to plan a vacation. Exotic experiences should not be at the expense of our peace!

We comply with our annual leave with the work schedule and we can not afford last minute changes, so the safest vacation is on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This choice will also save you hours of searching for health measures in the respective country, worries when registering on local government websites, and frustration if international measures are tightened and you have to cancel your holiday unexpectedly.

Value for money

Compared to traveling abroad, you can save a significant amount of money by spending your vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Basically you save money on transportation, getting to a foreign country is certainly much more expensive. But don’t forget about all the other expenses, such as not having to buy foreign currency, which makes things much easier when it comes to balancing finances.

Visiting friends and family

Our lives are dynamic, we are constantly busy and it is difficult to see friends and family who live in other cities on a regular basis. Taking a trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, we can easily make a plan and spend a day or two with relatives living on the road. Even better is that we can easily organize and experience unforgettable sea memories with them on the Black Sea coast.

Meeting new people is also one of the great aspects of traveling, but when you live in different countries, it’s hard to keep in touch. However, if you make new contacts with other Bulgarians, the chance to see each other again and create a closer relationship is much greater.

Support for local business

The last year and a half has been extremely difficult for those working in the field of tourism – everyone has lost a lot. You have a great opportunity to help these compatriots of ours, making a choice to spend your vacation in Bulgaria.

A holiday on our Black Sea coast is a great way to get to know an area and also to rediscover locally produced goods that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our top proposals

Our Top proposals

Environmentally friendly choice

The environmentally friendly way of traveling is a leading trend. We witnessed the incredible beneficial effects on nature during the full lockdown in March 2020 – dolphins swam through the Venetian canals, sea turtles filled the beaches of India, our air quality has risen several times. We all enjoyed this news then, but our return to old habits will completely erase it.

Removing carbon emissions from your flight significantly reduces the footprint of your travels. Indulge in a greener lifestyle, and the best way to engage with this cause is by merging with nature in your hometown.

Every Bulgarian is left speechless with views such as the Arch of Tyulenovo, Cape Kaliakra, Yailata, the beloved Burgas. If the motto “Get to know the homeland to love it” is true, let’s turn it into “Get to know the nature of the homeland so that you can take care of it!”

You will rediscover your homeland

You may have heard the story of the hidden treasure just beyond your own backyard. This is a great time to see all the small and large Bulgarian resorts that you have not visited so far, but have heard others admire. As locals, it’s so easy for us to rediscover places beyond the beach! Gaining a better understanding of where we live is an enriching experience. You can still plan this great holiday abroad to discover new cultures and traditions, but there is also something to find at home. There is much more than you think!

The fact is that the more time you spend looking for new things, the more they will be revealed to you. This will only open your appetite for new experiences, which fortunately are fully accessible, regardless of the global situation.

There are thousands of other reasons to plan your next vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, we leave you to discover them yourself, pleasantly surprising! Don’t waste more time, the earlier you plan, the more things you will be able to include in your program.

What we can help you with is a clean and spacious apartment in which to experience all these amazing emotions! Look for your place to relax in our safe and convenient platform – HOSTY.BG

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