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Where is the best place to stay for a business trip?

Where is the best place to stay for a business trip?

One of the secrets to a successful business trip is a comfortable stay. It is important to make sure in advance that your accommodation provides all the necessary amenities to work efficiently and rest well after a long day. The last thing you need is unnecessary stress!

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a space that meets your needs and preferences, as well as your company’s policy. If you are about to have this type of trip, but you do not have enough experience, do not worry, we are here to help you with 5 tips for proper planning.

Budget – the basis of your compass!

Most business travelers do not pay for their own accommodation, their company covers this cost, allocating a certain budget to strictly adhere to. Do not build illusions about the best and most luxurious hotel, it hardly fits into the set framework.

And when you cover a business trip yourself, you generally don’t want to spend too much money on a place where you won’t spend much time. Again, there is no need to waste time reviewing options that are not in your pocket.

Make sure the booking platform where you are looking for accommodation offers a maximum amount limit filter , so you will only consider options that you can really choose from.

Convenient location

After discussing the price, it’s time to turn our attention to the location. We live in a time when everyone is in a hurry. This is especially noticeable in business, everyone knows that time is money. For a productive stay, it is extremely important to consider where to stay, according to the plan for your meetings.

If you have to travel at rush hour, look for accommodation that is close to the location of your work commitments, otherwise you may spend a lot of extra time traveling. Use a digital map to visualize better.

Our Top proposals

Our top proposals

“Home away from home”

For some, traveling to work is a compromise – you spend days, weeks, sometimes holidays, away from family and friends, trying to make a new deal or sell a corporate service. In order to feel good emotionally, it is important to create a feeling of “at home” in the moments of rest. This is definitely not hidden in eating from a plastic box on the bed.

Get everything you need to do your job most effectively and feel great while doing it. In the best case, your space should have more rooms – a real kitchen, a relaxation area with sofa and TV, a comfortable table for reviewing documents before important meetings.

Let’s not forget about the contacts – a small but extremely important detail! Your temporary home should promote productivity and provide quality recreation equally well.

Fast and secure internet connection

Reliable internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, especially when your stay is at work. It is imperative that your accommodation provides the fastest possible Wi-Fi.

Some hotel chains offer a lower speed internet connection for free and a faster connection available at an additional cost. Check carefully before booking, additional costs like this are completely unnecessary!

In the case of short-term apartments, this risk does not exist, all services are included in the final price. In the description of the amenities of the particular apartment you can check if there is internet available, and in almost 100% of cases this is the case.

Guaranteed good services

Business travelers usually check in and out during peak hours, which can cause stress and contribute to negative experiences. Optimize check-in and check-out. When booking an apartment, this process is relatively easy, as there are no other clients on the site, but hotels are often associated with queues at the reception. The only way to save the wait is to find a hotel with self-check-in.

Looking at the listed factors, we can conclude that the apartments for short-term accommodation guarantee you greater independence, as well as a sense of freedom and control. For this reason, an increasing number of corporate clients rent serviced apartments during their business trips. It is worth noting that this is a relatively new form of accommodation, but it is becoming more popular every year. In fact, everything shows that short-term rent is the future of this industry!

If the company sends several employees at the same time, you can always rent an apartment with several bedrooms, so you will optimize your budget and you will not feel lonely in everyday life away from loved ones.

Short-term accommodation apartments are a more convenient alternative to a traditional hotel, especially when we have to comply with the listed requirements for a business trip. Save hours of searching with the convenient HOSTY.BG platform.

By setting the important parameters that you comply with, you will enjoy a variety of options.

The apartments on offer are more affordable than other accommodation options, which is welcome for business travelers looking for a great deal without compromising on quality. They are also extremely spacious with a fully equipped kitchen to add to the freedom and flexibility of your experience. Feel like a local in your new city, get to know your new neighborhood, this short illusion can be very inspiring and creative!

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