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Traveling during COVID-19 – How to prepare?

Traveling during COVID-19 – How to prepare?

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, our desire to explore new places grows, and our adventurous souls are ready to fly to near and far destinations. The current situation is a global challenge – both for tourism enthusiasts and for those working in the sector.

The “new normal” brings with it a number of changes. Hand sanitizers in front of any enclosed space, mandatory wearing of masks, mandatory submission of our location to local authorities, COVID transforms the way we think and make a choice of destination. Fortunately, it is still possible to travel and discover new places, as long as you are familiar with the specific requirements and take the necessary health precautions.

If you are considering a trip abroad, read the documents required to enter the selected country. The changes are dynamic and strictly individual to the specific country. Keep in mind that most European countries currently require Bulgarian citizens to have one of the following documents: a vaccination certificate, a document with a negative PCR medical certificate or a rapid antigen test performed within 48 hours before departure.

However, other countries have stricter rules, such as mandatory quarantine on arrival. The most reliable and detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in the section Coronavirus – how to travel? Do not forget to check the regime for entering back to Bulgaria, find out carefully what documents you will need in relation to the country from which you will return.

In this regard, if your trip is for recreation and the place is not predetermined, choose your destination strategically. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary stress, choose a country with lighter measures or spend your vacation in Bulgaria. In fact, currently the highest growth in reservations is observed in domestic tourism and there are many reasons for this.

There is always something to get even in your homeland, and worries about documentation and requirements research are automatically eliminated. Travelers tend to first enjoy a vacation closer to home before returning to international travel.

Our top proposals

Our Top proposals

Choose the safest mode of transport

Try to avoid traveling by plane and cruise ships, where physical distance for a long time can be difficult, even impossible. If you still use either of these options, follow the key precautions – wear a mask, keep your distance, limit contact with frequently touched surfaces, and wash or disinfect your hands frequently.

Current trends show that, if possible, most travelers prefer to use a personal car, and as we have already said, closer destinations to which travelers can travel on their own are preferred. If this type of travel awaits you, try to minimize stopping by bringing enough food and drink and refueling the car.

Choosing the right accommodation is also extremely important! If before the pandemic your main criteria were location and price, now there are much more important factors! Research at the end of last year showed that passenger preferences have been drastically affected by global events, our lives are already different and we will see more and more changes in our behavior.

First and foremost, be sure to choose locations with a flexible cancellation policy . Even if you already have travel insurance, which covers cancellation costs, be well aware of the cancellation policy and make reservations about them.

Carefully monitor how long you can change the reservation by returning the entire deposit. Of course, trust reliable platforms with secure prepayment methods, this was important before the pandemic, we are sure it will continue in the future!

You have to be even more uncompromising towards high standards of cleanliness!

When it comes to safety and health, the most important thing is the hygiene of the chosen place. There are a number of public discussions on the topic with a focus on which type of accommodation is safer – a traditional hotel or an apartment for short-term rent?

We believe that hotels work hard to keep their spaces clean and disinfected, but the flow of people there is very large. Some experts believe that short-term rental apartments have a huge advantage , given that the tenant is usually the only one who lives in the property.

There is also no risk in common areas such as the lobby, reception, and even check-in is often without contact , which is the safer option now. If you choose accommodation in an apartment, you eliminate the need for food in restaurants. You have a fully equipped kitchen , a comfortable table and everything you need so that you do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of delicious food, but without any risk, preparing it yourself.

Are you ready to diversify your daily life and plan a trip? Take a look at the apartments for short-term accommodation in our HOSTY.BG platform!

Choose from a variety of options from spaces equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. You will find a detailed description of each offered apartment, current and real photos, quick and easy booking process and secure payment!

Our flexible cancellation policies are clearly described, and for all questions or if you need assistance, a virtual concierge is at your disposal. If you are hungry for adventure, don’t wait any longer!

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