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Frequently asked questions

Can I can cancel my reservation at any time?

With all current and constant changes due to the global pandemic, it is only natural to worry about this. However, for most of the reservations, you can cancel without being charged. This depends on each property’s arrangement and is usually displayed in the offer for you to see in advance.

Is the payment method secure?

You don’t have to worry about the payment process as all types of processes are carefully and securely protected! We process bookings via Stripe. They are the leader in the field of online payments and enable us to accept payments securely so you don’t have to worry about this!

Can I pay by cash once I’m on-site?
Unfortunately, this payment option is not available. However, all online payments are secure and refunds are available for different occasions.
Are there any extra fees?
All fees and taxes are visible to you when you make a reservation! There is nothing hidden or extra that you can or will be charged.

Can I cancel my booking at any time?

There are different conditions to the bookings available on our site. However, most of them accept cancellations at any time. To make sure you won’t be charged extra for cancelling a trip, read the full conditions of the place you chose to stay at.

Can I travel with a baby?

Yes! If you are looking for an urban trip with your family or just your baby, we can prepare a baby crib for you at the lowest price possible!

Are your listings checked personally by your agents?

Yes, all of the apartments you see on our site have been checked by our team and the information is double-checked for your assurance! You can be sure that what you see on our site will be what you find once you accommodate.

I have another question about my stay. How do I contact you or the host?

If you have an additional question or request for your stay, please feel free to contact us with our form or send us an email at

For how long can I book your long-term offered listings?

If you are looking for a long stay at one of our apartments, you can choose for however long you want to book it! Some offers are for a few weeks or months, but some properties can be booked for even a year! Give us a call or contact us if you want to know more details about our long-term rents.

Are all of your properties listed?

Yes, all of the apartments we offer for rent are listed. However, if you are looking for something specific, you can still contact us and we will do anything we can to find for you the perfect place!

What kind of payment method do you offer?

For all bookings, we trust Stripe as a leading payment option online. You can be sure that your payments will be secure and processed carefully.

Can I change my booking?

If you want to make a significant change to your booking, please contact us for further instructions on how to proceed and we will take care of everything!