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Privacy Policy

1. What type of private data do we collect?

  • We gather personal information about you when you willingly provide us with such directly, when you visit and use our website.

This may include information that you send to us while writing us an email, using the links on the website, filling a form, correspond with us via the website, phone call, email or other way, subscribe for our mail list, bulletin or other forms of marketing communication like replying to a survey, or use other functions on the website, available from time to time.

  • If you do not provide us with personal information, we might not be able to offer you a full / complete service of our website or be able to reply to other queries of yours.
  • You can find more information on what type of personal data we collect, how we use it and what our legal right to do it is – in Table 1.
  • We also automatically gather personal data for you indirectly, including how you access and use our website, as well as what type of device do you use for it.
    You can find more about the different categories of personal data that we automatically collect, how we use them and what our legal right to do it is, at Table 2.
  • We can also use your personal data to provide you with a personalised experience.
  • We can anonymise and combine the personal data that we gather (so that you cannot be directly identified). We can use that type of information for our business goals, for example testing our IT systems, investigation, data analyses, for bettering the use of our service and for the creation of new products and functions. We can also anonymously share such information with others for the mention above reasons.

2. How we use your private data?

2.1. When we reveal / share your personal information. We might share your information if needed due to the following reasons, listed in Table 1 and 2:

  • Service providers or Advisors. Personal data may be shared to third parties, such as service providers. This might include identification and service of targeted advertisements (such as Facebook and Twitter), to payment service providers, post, email, taxes and accounting servicers, services for data improvement, fraud prevention services, web hosting and / or analytics services.
  • Our website does not collect Credit / Debit card information. In some cases we might request information from you about your bank details in order to do a refund or when you make a payment to us for a booking vie Bank transfer. For all other regular payments we use a third party provider – Stripe. 
  • Any payment information will be a part of the Privacy Policy of Stripe, available here.
  • The ESTI system for tourist information, managed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism, law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities and other parties due to legal reasons. Personal details can be shared to third parties if required by law or if we think such actions must be taken

– To act lawfully and obey the law enforcement authorities’ reasonable requests.
– To protect the security of the website
– To exercise or protect the property or personal safety of the users of the service or others.

  • 2.2. Retention Period
    We will keep your personal information for only 12 months after your last booking for the purposes we collected them for (as noted in paragraph 2.1. above and in annex 1 and 2 below), as well as if needed for the law enforcement authorities, accountants, or report requests. This period can be extended if needed after confirmation.
  • Personal information retention period is being extended depending on the quantity, the nature and the sensitivity of the information. The potential risk of damage and unwanted use of the personal data, the goals according to which we use that information and if we can accomplish them with other means in accordance to the current laws.
  • In some cases you can request from us to delete your personal details (check paragraph ‘’Right to be deleted’’ below for more information).
  • In some cased we can anonymise your private details (so that they cannot be linked to you) for research or statistics purposes. In these cases we can use this information for an unlimited time without requesting consent.

2.3. How we store and transfer your data.

We use suitable technical and administrative measures for personal data protection against accidental or unlawful termination, loss, change or damage.

All private personal details that we collect are stored on secured servers. All electronic transfers made through our website will be protected by the SSL cryptic technology.

Your personal data can be transferred, used and stored in countries outside of the jurisdiction where you are based, where we and our third party providers lead operations. All such acts will be accomplished in accordance with the private data protection regulations and GDPR, view 44, 101 and 102.

3. Your Rights
Your personal information is used in accordance with the applicable provisions of EU and local legislation.

  • Access – you have the right to know if and where we process your information, information about the categories of your personal data, that we process, the goals, how we decide in the length of storage, information regarding the categories of receivers that we might share your details with and a copy of the personal information that we hold for you.
  • Right to transfer the data. You have the right to receive your data in a structured, commonly used, easily readable way and you have the right to provide this information to another administrator when this is technically possible.
  • The right of adjustment. You have the right to correct any wrong or misleading information that we have for you without unnecessary delay.
  • A right of deletion ‘’right to be forgotten’’. You have the right to request your information to be deleted if it is no longer necessary to be held and used.
  • A right of processing limitation. In some cases you have the right to request from us to limit the goals according to which we process your data. For example if you question the accuracy of the information that we process your personal data for a longer period than needed in order to be checked.
  • A right to object. You have the right to object against the right to process your personal data due to legal or direct marketing reasons.
  • You also have the right to file an official complaint to the local authorities. Additional information about how you can do that, you can find at

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us.

4. Links to third party websites.

This website might contain links to third parties’ websites. If you click on any of these links, please note that they have their own Privacy Policies and we cannot be held responsible for them. Please check their individual rules before providing any personal information.

5. Children

This website was not created for children / people under 18 years old and we do not gather knowingly any details of people under 18 years old.

6. Updates of the Privacy Policy

We really value our Privacy policy and this is why we update and better it occasionally when needed. When we do that – the date of the last update will be posted. All updates will be active immediately after posting the Privacy Policy. We might notify you either by a pop up on the website or by email. We cannot be held responsible if you haven`t read or received your email because of your Internet provider or an active email filter.

7. Notifications

When we need to inform you about something, regardless if it is on a legal matter, marketing or other business goals, we will choose the best way to contact you in our opinion. Usually this is via email or a website notification. The fact that we will send some type of notification does not mean that you cannot decline some of the ways to contact you, as mentioned in this Privacy policy.

8. How can you contact us?

Questions, comments or queries regarding this Privacy Policy are welcome and can be forwarded to

Table 1 – Personal information that we might gather while you use our website

Category “Personal Information”

How we use it:
This information will be used to operate, maintain and provide the service of the website.

Legal plea for processing:

The processing is necessary for:

  • To prepare a contract / agreement and go through all needed steps before that
  • Our legal interests like administrating the website, marketing goals and communication with our customers.

Contact Information and main details like your name, surname, phone number and email address.

How we use it:

This information is being used for communicating with you, including sending information regarding our services (like invoices, website actualisations, news, signals marketing communication) in accordance with your setting and options).

We use this information for question and complaints by you regarding the use of our service.

To ease the transactions and provide the service.

Information about transactions, including the time of payment, date, how much was the amount paid, bank details (only for refunds or bank transfer payments).

We use this information to provide customer support when needed. Also for fraud prevention.

To address your questions, problems and concerns regarding the service and to be able to provide personalised customer service.

Information regarding our guest’s stay and feedback, including travel information and transfers to and from the property (including flight / train schedule) and survey replies.

We use this information to work on new proposals, functions and updated of the service.

Information, provided by third parties. Sometimes we might receive information about you from third parties or consumers. It might be In order to better our services or publicly available information.

Table 2 – Automatically gathered personal information

Information regarding how you access and use our website, as well as how often do you use it, how much time do you spend, do you do that on multiple devices, the browser you use, the website you previously used and the one after ours. As well as actions you take while using our website.

We use this information to be able to provide our service to your device.

Also to administrate internal operations, troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, investigation, statistical goals.