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Information about the parking situation will be sent to you the day before your Check-in.

If you need more information about the charges and the working hours of the BLUE ZONE, please select the city you’re staying in.

Paid parking info – working hours on weekdays are from 08:00 – 18:00; Saturday from 09:00 – 14:00.

On Sundays there is no parking fee.

The duration of the short-term parking between 30 min and 3 hours.
The short-term parking fee for vehicles on the territory of municipal property, known as “BLUE ZONE” according to the Ordinance on public order in the use of vehicles and common areas in Stara Zagora Municipality is as it follows:

0.50 lv.– per 30 min;
1.00 lv.– per 60 min;
1.50 lv.– per 90 min;
2.00 lv.– per 120 min;
2.50 lv.– per 150 min;
3.00 lv.– per 180 min.



The duration of the short-term parking with a pre-purchased ticket ranges from minimum 30 minutes to maximum 3 hours.
When parking a vehicle in the “BLUE ZONE”, the driver must place the ticket from the paid parking fee behind the windshield of the car, so that it is easily visible from the outside.

The duration of the short-term parking with an SMS ranges from 1 hour to maximum of 3 hours.

An SMS costs BGN 1.00 for 1 hour stay in the BLUE ZONE.

The SMS must contain the state registration number of the vehicle.

Example: СТ 1234 СА – correct;

ST 1234 SA – incorrect.

A few minutes before the paid-for time expires, citizens will receive a text message to either extend the paid parking time or to leave the area. If they do pay, the parking time is automatically extended by another hour.

The incorrectly parked cars are transported to a parking lot, located south from ,,Nikola Petkov” Blvd. (next to store CBA) and are being released after paying the removal, transportation and parking expenses.

The fee for the relocation of incorrectly parked vehicles is BGN 45.00, but if the relocation has been stopped on the spot the fee is – BGN 20.00.

The fee for keeping the relocated vehicles by the order of art. 168, par. 1 of the Traffic Act costs BGN 1.20 per hour as of the moment of notifying the Regional Police Department.

Phone number: 0800 157 37

The Municipal Council determines “BLUE ZONE” for parking vehicles, with a maximum permitted weight up to 2.5 tons and buses up to 12 passengers at certain hours of the day, on streets and squares of public municipal property, in the City Centre.

The paid parking hours are from 09:00 to 19:00.

The commissioning of sections of the paid parking zone and the introduction of temporary and permanent restrictions on parking in the Blue Zone is carried out by order of the Mayor, according to the powers granted to him by law, according to schemes adopted by the Municipal Council.

The closure of sections of the PPA is carried out in the same order.

The mayor may temporarily restrict – for a period up to 14 days, partially or completely the use of sections of the “BLUE ZONE” in case of holding duly ordered events of a private or public nature.

The paid parking zones are additionally marked with an information board, which describes the parking conditions in the BLUE ZONE;

the cost of the parking fees and the methods of payment; the coercive measures that apply.

The Municipal Council defines as a ‘Blue zone’ for vehicle parking with a maximum weight of up to 2.5 tons and buses up to 12 seats at certain times of the day, on the streets and squares public that are municipal property in the Central City Area. 

The parking is paid in the time between 9:00 and 19:00 o’clock.

The entering in exploitation the sections for paid parking zone and the implementation of temporary and permanent restrictions for parking in the blue zone is carried out by the Mayor, provided under its delegated powers under the law, according to the schemes adopted by the City Council. In the same order is carried out and the closing of sections according the law. 

With order by the Mayor it can be restricted for a term of up to 14 days for partly or the whole use of the areas of the ‘blue zone’ in case of scheduled by the law order of activities of public or private character.

The zones for paid parking are additionally identified with an informational board in which are explained the requirements for parking in the ‘blue zone’, the tax for parking and the ways for payment, as well as the measurements that apply in that zone.

The tax amount for paid parking is determined by the Municipal Council.